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Csgo free hack – legitbot, ragebot, inventory, profilechanger

d1gital.pw – legitbot, ragebot, inventory, profilechanger

MultiHack d1gital.pw

I bring to your attention free MultiHack d1gital.pw – legitbot, ragebot, inventory, profilechanger on CSGO. Excellent cheat for the popular online game, which has a GUI, many different functions and support from the developers.

inventorychanger csgo

Features and functions

Inventory and profile changer with the ability to open cases.

Ability to load a specific part from another config (such as only inventory or misc)

Air-strafe at private cheats level and other nice features

Setting esp per group + customization of each item (color/size of text) + a lot of information displayed

Setting up chams for almost any filter in the game (hands\desync\seen enemies\enemy behind the wall\local, etc.)

Fast double-tap is very good at registering hits and rarely scattering bullets

Regular updates, in which we listen to the advice, wishes and recommendations of users

Free Download d1gital.pw – legitbot, ragebot, inventory, profilechanger

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.

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